The Microelectronics Commons Hubs

The Microelectronics Commons program comprises eight regional Hubs, each managing its network of commercial innovators. Those who are interested in contributing their capabilities in support of the Microelectronics Commons program must join a Hub. Click the links on the map to learn more about each hub and how to get in touch.

Technology Areas Supported by Microelectronics Commons

  • 5G/6G Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence/Hardware

  • Commercial Leap-Ahead Technologies

  • Electromagnetic Warfare

  • Secure Edge/IoT Computing

  • Quantum Technology

The Microelectronics Commons program is a network of innovation Hubs and Core Facilities distributed across the United States all working toward a common goal of advancing domestic microelectronics technology discovery, innovation, and transition.

Hubs connect researchers and designers to prototyping capabilities targeted to regional strengths in that Hub’s respective technical topic areas. Each Hub manages its own extended network of small and large, traditional and non-traditional, commercial innovators. Through this approach, the Department of Defense (DoD) can leverage a potentially limitless pool of emerging technology creators.

Core Facilities (Cores) are entities with the required capabilities to demonstrate prototypes with the volume and characteristics required to ensure reduced risk for full manufacturing production. They provide Hubs with access to repeatable processes, back-end manufacturing/integration, and full-flow fabrication.